Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving day

Well yesterday was Thanksgiving day.. and it was great. Roofer and I visited some family and enjoyed our day. Then of course, we finished it out nicely ;)

Today however I've got some changes on my site! Yay! I added in the Skype prices and links. These are really good values for us both compared to what the camsites charge... less money you spend, and more that goes into my pocket sounds like a win-win for us both! Especially since Playboy is having their Black Friday sale and I want some more clothes to wear online!! 
I also added today's panties to purchase, a general tips page, and I took some more self photos I'll upload later. I can't host nude photos here because of my free web host, but if I generate enough interest here, I'll turn around and invest it back into the site and get us up a members only section :)
Christine AKA Nuvo 

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