Sunday, January 10, 2010

Website is back up!

Wow.. so much has happened in the past few days. The website went down and got restricted. Even though I didnt have any nude photos, and made it a point to keep it as clean as possible, my web host pulled the plug on me. Not cool. So, I have since signed up with NakedHosting. This will quit the interruptions that the previous host caused, and allow me to run the site the way I want to run it. First thing I did was construct my shopping cart. This has taken me ALL day to get done!! But you HAVE to check it out now. 
I've taken pictures of my panties, uploaded photo sets, videos, etc. I really hope it all pays off and you guys are able to get more content now! O...m...g... has MFC sucked for me lately or what? Wow. I can't stand too many $5 days. It's getting old. Where are you guys? :(

Also. Anyone want a free email address? 

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